The world of the Web for 2022

The Web has become a kind of playground for all young people. Everyone chooses the design style he wants according to his site design and his professional activities.

The choice of design style

Some companies choose a traditional style. Others want to go with the times in terms of design. No matter which group you belong to and who you are designing your website for, it never hurts to know what web design trends are currently in demand. A good user experience has been one of the top web design trends in recent years. And focusing on a better UX should and can always be a part of whatever branding strategy your clients are using.

Full screen videos are all the rage with new web formats (such as WebM), large videos can be implemented without exceeding load times. Movie-style video doesn't matter: everyone who visits your site not only sees an eye-catching video, but is immediately engaged in the action.

The typography of trendy sites

This approach is the opposite of full-screen mode. Great signage can be supported by visual elements such as slogans. Web fonts can also be found as a unique visual element in the header of web pages. For example, with Onomatet, the typography doesn't function as a title, but as a navigational element. Such a style can be very minimalist in some circumstances. In this example, it focuses on the essentials and avoids overwhelming visitors with stimuli. A cool distance is created by the sober and minimalist use of typography. And at the same time a certain elegance. The design is generally more pragmatic. Scrolling effects can be well integrated with oversized headlines. There is a wide variety of approaches here.

However, what we see as another trend is a gradual return to flat design, which has often been inflected into 2018 and the latest web facelifts seem unable to overcome it.

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